A dining room table is set for thanksgiving with catering.


The Easy Way to Entertain or Host a Dinner Party - Invite your guests . . . and Nina will do the rest!

Dining Out . . . or Dining In . . . with Nina’s Creative Catering

Host a dinner party at your home . . . or at Nina’s home
You can entertain your friends and family without having to do the planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, set-up and serving and best of all – you won’t have to clean up. Just choose the menu . . . and let Nina do the rest!

Nina’s Pop-Up* Restaurant
If you are tired of the ordinary dining-out experiences in the Cedar Rapids’ area restaurants and frustrated with noisy restaurants where you can’t even talk with your friends without yelling across the table, then please consider a unique dining experience – one where you’ll be able to enjoy a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, with a delicious menu of your choosing, prepared for your enjoyment.

*A “pop-up” restaurant is a restaurant on occasion.

Dinner is served!
These meals are priced per person and can be served in Nina’s dining room or in your dining room.

If you choose to dine in Nina’s home dining room, you won’t even have to tidy up your home before the party.


Chef-Created Dining Options

Ethnic Menus:
• American
• Asian
• Hawaiian
• Fondue
• French
• Guatemalan
• Italian
• Mediterranean/European
• Mexican
• Trinidadian/Caribbean

Holiday and Seasonal Menus:
• Winter Wonderland
• Valentine’s
• St. Patrick’s Day
• Easter
• Patriotic Celebrations
• Fall Harvest
• Thanksgiving
• Christmas
• Holiday Open House Parties

Each Menu includes: 

  • Appetizer
  • Soup
  • Salad
  • Entrée and Sides
  • Dessert

Call Nina at 319-393-7675 to inquire about what is included in each menu.

Culinary Customization: Most menu options can be customized to fit your needs, including special dietary restrictions.

Dining In . . . is the New Dining Out!

Enjoy a night out at Nina’s Pop-Up Restaurant . . . or dine in the comfort of your own home.

Celebrate Special Occasions and/or Entertain your Friends:
• Anniversary
• Birthday
• Retirement
• Engagement
• Bridal Shower
• Rehearsal Dinner
• Baby Shower
• Mother’s/Father’s Day
• Get together with family and friends

Please call Nina at 319-393-7675:
• to schedule your next dinner party
• choose from a list of menu options
• inquire about pricing

Email Nina at

Nina Swan-Kohler
Chef/Dinner Party Consultant
Cooking in the Kitchen with Nina
AKA Nina’s Creative Catering
460 Hickory Court, Robins, Iowa 52328

Experience Creative Dining at Its Best!