Whole-30 Cooking Class
Date to be determined


  Date to be determined.

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Many people have started following a Whole 30 diet.  I’d like to know who would be interested in attending classes for Whole 30 foods/recipes.  

Once I have the names and emails of those interested, I will schedule a class based on interest and availability.

I will set a future date accommodating as many as possible that are interested in such a class.

Whole-30 is a nutritional program designed to change the way you feel and eat in 30 days. Basically, you have to remove all of the potentially inflammatory foods and beverages in your diet (such as added sugar and sweeteners, alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy, processed foods and beverages, baked goods, and junk foods) and eat three “clean” meals a day, made with Whole30-approved ingredients (such as meats, seafood, veggies, and eggs).

Please register like you would for a class, but I am not collecting a fee at this time.  It’s just a way to identify those who are interested in Whole-30 foods and classes.



















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Date to be determined”

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