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Keto-Friendly Foods Cooking Class
Date to be determined


  Date to be determined.


Many people have started following a Keto diet.  I’d like to know who would be interested in attending classes for Keto-Friendly foods/recipes.  

The Keto diet ditches the sugar and processed carbs and bring on the cream, butter and bacon.  This diet is high-fat, low-carbohydrate and includes moderate amounts of protein.  

Once I have the names and emails of those interested, I will schedule a class based on interest and availability.

I will set a future date accommodating as many as possible that are interested in such a class.

Please register like you would for a class, but I am not collecting the fee at this time.  It’s just a way to identify those who are interested in Keto-Friendly foods and classes.  




























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Date to be determined”

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